Applications are invited from suitably qualified Nationals of the Banjul Accord Group (BAG) Members States (Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) to fill the position for which job descriptions have been provided below:








Title:                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


Post No.:                           BAGASOO Post 02-2023


Duty Station:                  Abuja, Nigeria


Reporting Date:             1 July 2023


Duration: ·       3 years Fixed Term (with possible extension for another term) 



The Executive Director (ED) is supported by administrative and technical officers. The position of an Executive Director shall be staffed with either someone with technical expertise in flight operations or airworthiness or aerodromes or air navigation services.


The Executive Director is responsible for providing strong leadership for the BAGASOO. He or she will lead by example, setting clear strategies and performance expectations developed in an environment of participation and collaboration with senior management of aviation stakeholders including Directors General of Civil Aviation Authority and service providers within the Banjul Accord Group sub-region.


The ideal candidate would be an experienced Executive with particular strengths in program development and management, and have the ability to mobilize and work with aviation stakeholders within and outside the BAG region. This individual would be a highly organized, energetic, good communicator and motivator, and will thrive in a vibrant workplace. He or She would be expected to significantly contribute to the success of the BAGASOO as a regional safety oversight organization and be committed to enhancing aviation safety within the Banjul Accord Group Member States.





1. An advanced university degree in an aviation-related discipline, or equivalent qualifications with experience (at least 5 years) in training, curriculum development and needs analysis in aviation related field (preferably airworthiness, or flight operations or aerodromes or air navigation services).


2. Management or supervisory experience with a State Civil Aviation Authority, directly associated with the preparation and responsibility for implementation of rules, regulations, and procedures deemed necessary for flight safety, inspection and certification.


3. Experience in the implementation of multi-faceted projects, including time line development, tracking, and reporting. Excellent planning, analytical, writing and presentation skills. Fully computer literate.


4. Knowledge of legal responsibilities and administrative procedures for the issuance of documents including safety certificates under State of Registry approval relating to supervision of aircraft operations.


5. A minimum of 10 years’ experience in an aviation environment either as pilot-in-command or maintenance engineer on heavy turbojet aircraft or substantial experience as a Government Aviation Safety Inspector Airworthiness or Flight Operations or Aerodromes or Air Navigation Services.


6. Demonstrate good leadership qualities in a diverse environment including staff, board members and other aviation stakeholders. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others.


7. Command of the English language and proven ability in preparing assignment reports and similar documents. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese is desirable.


8. Knowledge of training development software including web-based software.


9. Initiative, tact, sound judgment and ability to maintain harmonious relationships.


10. Sound knowledge of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and related documentation and ICAO safety oversight functions within national and/or international environment.


11. Knowledge of training development software including web-based software is desirable





Under the general direction of the Board of Directors of the BAGASOO the Executive Director shall be responsible for carrying out the directions of the Board by:


1. Coordinating the activities of the BAGASOO based on the provisions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and with its safety-related Annexes, ICAO guidelines and with the procedures, standards, and regulations that are adopted in the Member States.


2. Providing technical assistance and advice to ensure that each Member State achieves a uniform degree of aviation safety oversight that meets international standards.


3. Providing technical assistance and advice to ensure that each participating state may update and harmonize its procedures, safety standards, guidance material, inspector training and, to the extent possible, its regulations for civil aviation with other Member States.


4. Promoting and assisting with the safe and efficient development of civil aviation in the Member States.


5. Coordinating the carrying out of safety inspections and assessments and informing the Member States about the status of aviation safety in the region.


6. Assisting Member States that do not satisfy the aviation safety levels established in the standards and regulations in force to complete the necessary corrective steps.


7. Facilitating under the Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS) and Cooperative Training Scheme (CTS), the pooling and sharing of regional technical expertise and mobilizing resources from multilateral and bilateral sources to complement, supplement and train the technical inspector resources available to the Region.


8. Developing and maintaining a technical library in support of the activities.


9. Developing and implementing the BAGASOO work program, BAGASOO

budget and projects approved by the Board.


10. Coordinating and directing the work of CIS and CTS inspectors and instructors, drawn from various Member States.


11. Maintaining technical records concerning aeronautical personnel and aircraft registered in Member States.


12. Supervising the activities of the Administrative and Technical Coordinators and Inspectors assigned to the BAGASOO.


13. Reporting to the Board of Directors, on the activities planned or undertaken by BAGASOO and manage the resources involved in carrying out the work plan.


14. Develop procedures and guidelines to be followed in the scheduling and conduct of inspections and surveillance activities, and responding to ad hoc requests for supplemental assistance in aviation safety related matters.


15. Using available resources to develop a series of manuals related to the certification and inspection of air operators and/or aircraft maintenance organizations to be used by regional and national inspectors of the Member States.


16. Developing the annual technical assistance schedule for Member States in accordance with the procedures and guidelines in paragraph 3 above.


17. Coordinating the use of inspectors under the Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS) to carry out surveillance and provide supplemental and advisory services to the Member States.


18. Providing technical advice, guidance and assistance to develop and harmonize licensing standards, procedures and guidance materials in Member States.


19. Organizing, coordinating and conducting workshops and seminars with the provision of on-the-job training (OJT) on job functions for regional and national flight operations, airworthiness, aerodrome and ANS inspectors to qualify them for the full range of tasks related to flight operations, airworthiness, aerodrome and ground handling, air navigations services; and to provide training and briefings to inspectors from Member States who are assigned to work with the BAGASOO in order to assist with inspection and surveillance duties.


20. Manage the Performance of flight operations, airworthiness, aerodrome and air navigation certification and surveillance functions directly on behalf of Member States including assistance in the issuance of operations specifications, review and approval of operations and maintenance manuals, aircrew and maintenance training and checking programs and performance of regularly scheduled operator surveillance, inspection and monitoring.


21. Conducting periodic evaluation of safety oversight capability in member

States and provide reports to those administrations.


22. Providing periodic reports to the Board and inspection and evaluation reports to Member States.


23. Performing other relevant duties assigned in his field of specialization.



(c)          REMUNERATION


Salary and other remuneration attached to this position are under the BAGASOO condition of service. Further details will be communicated to shortlisted applicants.



(d)         COMPETENCIES


1. Leadership: The person is in a role where serving as a role-model, translating vision to results, developing strategies; gaining support and driving for improvement are valued.


2. Judgment and Decision-making: The person is to play a key role in identifying issues quickly, gather relevant information, consider positive

and negative impacts and make tough decisions when necessary.


3. Vision: The person is in a role where the ability to understand and communicate strategic issues is valued.


4. Building Trust: The person is in a role where he or she is expected to build an environment of trust through transparent management, placing confidence in others, giving credit to others, following through on agreed upon actions and confidentiality.


5. Communication: The ability to convey oral communication clearly and concisely; listening to understand, and asking questions to verify understanding.


6. Accountability: The willingness and ability to accept responsibility for oneself and one’s responsibilities; taking ownership for actions and outcomes.


7. Managing Performance: The person is in a role which is expected to manage the performance of others through delegation, clarification of responsibilities, accurate allocation of resources, monitoring and giving feedback on performance, and fair appraisal.



(e)          ESSENTIAL


Fluent reading, writing and speaking abilities in English language. A working knowledge of French or Portuguese is desirable.



Deadline for ALL Applications:


Deadline for ALL Submissions is 9th May 2023. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.





Prospective applicants should send their applications and attach their recent CV and credentials to: No application would be accepted if submitted in any other format.




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