The Technical Committee-Regulatory, also known as the Flight Safety Working Group is responsible for the review and monitoring of comprehensive implementation programmes. The Committee, through the Executive Director, is responsible to advise the Board on all technical matters presented before it for consideration.

The Committee membership consists of nominees from Member States and other regional and international organizations and agencies as approved by the Board. The Committee is also supported by appointed legal experts from Member States CAAs. The Technical Support and Training Director is responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the activities of the Committee.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the Technical Committee is responsible for:

  • review for adoption, adaptation or harmonization of regulations, or their amendments, which would enable the Member States to implement ICAO SARPs in a standardized manner;
  • review of the developed technical guidance, or their amendments, including implementation procedures and checklists for use of the national Inspectors as well as the technical staff of the BAGASOO;
  • review of the developed technical guidance to be issued by the Member States Civil Aviation Authorities for guiding the industry in specific areas for implementation of the Regulations or bringing to their attention any safety critical information;
  • establishing conducive environment for technical cooperation programme for safety oversight within Member States and with the industry to facilitate the work of the BAGASOO;
  • examination of the reports from Working Groups, panels and/or study groups that may have been set up by the Board and develop recommendations for the consideration of the Board;
  • review of the technical and/or administrative reports of the Secretariat and preparation of recommendations to the Board;
  • The Board may add to, amend or phase out the duties and responsibilities of the Technical Committee to reflect regional needs and specifically the requirements of the BAGASOO as it develops.
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