1. Provide advice and assistance on constitutional, administrative and procedural matters, on questions of public and private international law, air law, commercial law, administrative law and on other fields of law as required.

  2. Work to protect the legal rights and obligations of BAGASOO by ensuring that all contracts and agreements are compatible with the International Law;

  3. Draft memoranda, internal legal opinions and other appropriate briefing documents. Represent BAGASOO in proceedings before appeals bodies and administrative tribunals as well as any other judicial or quasi-judicial bodies

  4. Conduct legal research and analysis on matters related to or falling within this portfolio’

  5. Review and advise on the legal aspects of project proposals, draft agreements, correspondence and other texts which are relevant to BAGASOO’s functions or have been referred for comments or clearance

  6. Provide and/or coordinate Secretariat legal services to regulatory committee and other bodies by:

    • researching/preparing background material, reports and papers;
    • formulating advice to members and Officers of such bodies; and
    • synthesizing the views and practices of Contracting States on particular issues.
  7. Represent BAGASOO in meetings with senior officials of government or international organizations

  8. Provide legal explanations and advice on such issues where clarifications are needed.

  9. Assist Member States in the area of Legislation, Organization and Resolution of safety Concerns.

  10. Adaptation of Comprehensive and effective model Civil Aviation Law consistent with the complexity of BAG States aviation activities and compliant with the Chicago Convention; and review of the generic Regulations with other Technical Coordinators in conformity with the Annexes to the Chicago Convention.

  11. Develop a draft Resolution of Safety Concern Manual for use by ASIs and Legal Enforcement Personnel within the Region

  12. Conduct on adhoc basis orientation training on the general overview of the legal framework of International Civil Aviation.

  13. Serve as a member of the Finance and Administration and regulatory Technical Committees.

  14. Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Director
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Member States: Cabo Verde Gambia  Ghana Guinea Liberia Nigeria Sierra Leone.


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