Banjul Accord Group Aviation Safety Oversight Organization (BAGASOO) provides guidance to oversight Authorities (CAAs) on the development and maintenance of a competent Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASIs) workforce. It is one component of a suite of guidance materials and tools to support BAG States in conducting effective oversight.
The following are parts of the mandate of BAGASOO;
  • Develop and implement a training program
  • Perform certification and surveillance tasks
  • Conduct audits and other quality assurance activities
  • Develop and implement a Regional Safety Program
  • Maintain relations with other RSOOs
  • Implement programs that are better implemented on a sub-regional or regional basis
BAGASOO will frequently be required to assist to oversee some of the following areas of activities or training:
  • Air operators and general aviation operations;
  • Assist Member States during the preparation of Compliance Checklist for ICAO Annexes;
  • Licensed personnel (e.g. pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance engineer) and other aviation personnel (e.g. cabin crew, dispatchers, ATSEPs);
  • Continuing airworthiness of aircraft;
  • Approved organizations and their approved services/programmes;
  • Provision of air navigation services (including, navigation aids and airspace infrastructure); and
  • Dangerous goods.

The Technical Coordinator (TC) OPS/PEL handles coordination requiring Operations and Personnel licensing activity.

Within each of the relevant areas of activity, and where a BAG State CAA has a need of CASIs who possess the appropriate technical qualifications and competencies to manage oversight activities associated with the State’s air transportation system to a level dependent on its complexity, BAGASOO comes in with its Co-operative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS), comprised of a cadre of highly qualified aviation safety inspectors and contracted personnel who are available as a resource to each civil aviation authority that is a member of the BAG State.

With a recent study conducted and released by ICAO in a paper titled “Human Capacity Development, A Critical Component of Air Transport Sustainability”
The international aviation community recognizes that there will be a shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future. Human capacity development is a too-often neglected component of aviation development and in the modernization strategies of States and the industry.
Between now and 2036, and in order to satisfy forecasted global demand, roughly 67 new pilots and 13 new air traffic controllers will be entering into service each and every day.

Here is where the RSOOs and BAGASOO included, comes in, for advice and support to the CAAs as the potential expansion will need expanded oversight.

We are seeing great progress thus far in our engagement of States and industry, but we continue to need their active support and, working together, to ensure our ultimate success.


Member States: Cabo Verde Gambia  Ghana Guinea Liberia Nigeria Sierra Leone.


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