BAGASOO is a regional aviation safety oversight organisation driven by the mission to promote the highest safety standards among the Banjul Accord Group (BAG) Member States which comprises of the following: Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.Our mandate is to improve the human capacity of the Member States through training, harmonisation of operating procedures and consolidation of strategic partnerships in order to achieve world-class safety standards in the sub region.

Our strategy is to develop a pool of common resources available to each member state. This alliance will make it possible for states to experience improved standards through the services of BAGASOO and its partners in a cost effective manner. The essential tools utilised to support the application of this strategy are the Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS), and aviation safety oversight database applications. We also embark on missions to assist Member States in developing operational framework and human capacity to ensure compliance with the established standards. By adopting industry best practices in every aspect of aviation safety, one of which is the development of database applications that would help to manage effectively the aviation assets (personnel and experience) of Member States, BAGASOO is poised to be a top-notch regional aviation safety oversight organisation. We are proud to pioneer the development of computer-based training for the aviation industry. This solution is cost effective and would ensure adoption of the best standards in aviation training for the personnel of the Member States. With a competent team of experts and capable partners, BAGASOO looks to the future to augment the efforts of Member States in areas such as certification, surveillance and audits in order to ensure an industry with 100% success rate and a patronising public with unwavering confidence in the safety of the skies across the West African region. I encourage you to find out more about BAGASOO by visiting our site www.bagasoo.org.

Captain Tidiane Bah
Executive Director 

Member States: Cabo Verde Gambia  Ghana Guinea Liberia Nigeria Sierra Leone.


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