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Applications are invited from suitably qualified Nati onals of the Banjul Accord Group (BAG) Members States (Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) legally resident in Nigeria to fill the position for which job description been provided below:


Title: Aviation Software and Database Developer (ASSDD)
Post No.: BAGASOO POST 01-2021
Duty Station: Abuja, Nigeria
Reporting Date: 1 April 2022
Duration: · 3 years Fixed Term (with possible extension)

Under the general supervision of The Head of Finance and Administration, the ASSDD will be responsible for the design, development, integration and management of new and existing safety oversight application suite required for the daily support of users across a broad scope of operation.


The responsibilities include and are not restricted to

  1. Design and implement applications, modules and any software component needed to support oversight operations within the organization as well as support external users.

  2. Develop systems and modules, graphical interfaces, web modules, database modules, APIs, application reports and statistics, and any software components needed to deliver complete and functional applications Systems required by the Organization

  1. Perform all necessary software maintenance, including coding, testing, debugging, upgrading and modifications of software requested.

  2. Applysoftwaredevelopmentmethodologiesindustrialstandardsandbestpracticesto develop, implement and test systems and software components.

  3. Design, develop and implement systems and software technical specifications based on business requirements provided. Develop and maintain systems and software documentation in order to facilitate maintenance and upgrade activities.

  4. Contribute technical and professional knowledge and experience to improve custom oversight application, portal operations and technical platform.

  5. Development of standard training packages (STPs) for developed applications and databases. Training packages should cover both end-user training and systems/software administration

  6. Development and maintenance of periodic backup and recovery systems for the databases and source code for implementing states

  7. Supervision of the ICT Assistant in provision of ICT and related general support services

     10.Supervision of third-party solutions and teams providing services as regards to software  development projects.

     11.Provide the required support to Member State and other third-party clients as regards use of software systems developed by the office

     12. Any other responsibility assigned by the Head of Finance and Admin within the scope of job description or any other task when deemed.


The following are required of the candidate to posses

  1. A minimum of B.Sc in Computer Science or related field from a recognized institution.

  2. Atleast 3 years working industrial experience, as a Software Developer on enterprise level projects, implementing industrial standards and best practices within an organization.

  3. Extensive knowledge of ASP.NET and PHP(Laravel).WebApplicationDevelopment, Webservices, Windows Service, Application Security, HTML, XML, UNIX, JavaScript and other web technologies.

  4. Certifications in Application Security, Application Development, Database Administration Management would be of Advantage. 

  5. The applicant must have written demonstrable professional code preferably on some enterprise level/large application(s).

  6. Proven database programming with SQL, SQL Optimization (expert level), Oracle / SQL Server. MySQL is also required.

  7. Successful applicant will have prior experience in taking over the enhancement of code intensive applications.

  8. Applicant should have a strong background in Systems design and implementation (modelling and documentation), including knowledge and experience with Systems lifecycle development methodologies


Salary and other remuneration attached to this position are under the BAGASOO

condition of service. Further details will be communicated to shortlisted applicants.


  1. Leadership: The person is in a role where serving as a role-model, translating vision to results, developing strategies; gaining support and driving for improvement are valued.
  2. Judgment and Decision-making: The person is in a role where s/he is expected to identify key issues quickly, gather relevant information, consider positive and negative impacts and make tough decisions when necessary.

  3. Vision: The person is in a role where the ability to understand and communicate strategic issues is valued.

  4. Building Trust: The person is in a role where s/he is expected to build an environment of trust through transparent management, placing confidence in others, giving credit to others, following through on agreed upon actions and confidentiality.

  5. Communication: The ability to convey oral communication clearly and concisely; listening to understand, and asking questions to verify understanding.

  6. Accountability: The willingness and ability to accept responsibility for oneself and one’s responsibilities; taking ownership for actions and outcomes.

  7. Managing performance: The person is in a role where s/he is expected to manage the performance of others through delegation, clarification of responsibilities, accurate allocation of resources, monitoring and giving feedback on performance, and fair appraisal.

  8. Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organisational goals, solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others, places team agenda before personal agenda, supports and acts in accordance with final group decisions.


Fluent reading, writing and speaking abilities in English language. A working knowledge of French or Portuguese is desirable.

Deadline for ALL Applications:
Deadline for ALL Submissions is 29th December 2021. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.


Prospective applicants should send their applications and attach their recent CV and credentials to: No application would be accepted if submitted in any other format. 

Member States: Cabo Verde Gambia  Ghana Guinea Liberia Nigeria Sierra Leone.


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