Air Navigation Services is one of the new key areas of BAGASOO whose main objective is to promote aviation safety for all BAG Member States. It has the following domains interwoven in operations for the safe, orderly and expeditiousness; they include:
a. Air Traffic Services (ATS)
b. Aeronautical Telecommunication Services (AEROTEL)
c. Aeronautical Meteorological Services (AEROMET)
d. Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)
e. Search and Rescue Services (SAR)
f. Procedures for Air Navigation – Operations (PANs-Ops)
The area is coordinated by the Technical Coordinator – Air Navigation Services (TC-ANS)
The functions of the Air Navigation Services domain include amongst others: –
i)    Draft and update of the ANS Generic Regulations, Technical Guidance Materials, Handbooks, Advisory Circulars etc.;
ii)    Provide guide, technical support, training for Member States on the procedures, process for the certification of ANSPs;
iii)    Organise and Provide training and on-the-job training for ANS inspectors from Member States;
iv)    Assist during certification and inspection missions to Member States or when requested to conduct a safety audit;
v)    Assist the National Inspectors in the performance of proficiency checks on their personnel and other oversight functions when / where necessary;
vi)    Assist with the CIS probes in the development and execution of an annual, regional surveillance programme, including safety audits, in line with the performance of each of the member States as approved by the Board of Directors of BAGASOO.
BAGASOO ANS assists also member States during the preparation of compliance checklist for ICAO Annex 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19; preparation of answer and evidences to the PQs – protocol questions, preparation of acceptable Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for findings under the USOAP CMA, and assist the Member States with the on-line framework (OLF) platform in the areas of Air Navigation Services.  


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