Banjul Accord Group Aviation
Safety Oversight Organisation


The Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors of the BAGASOO perform a specific set of functions which are geared towards meeting the mission of the BAGASOO and serving its best interest. Their main responsibility lies in planning, monitoring and controlling the activities of the BAGASOO to ensure the optimization of the resources of the BAGASOO and the achievement of its stated objectives. They do this by ensuring that Board decisions, some of which are translated into policy, are implemented, and that the BAGASOO operates within the agreed geographical, financial and administrative constraints. This is achieved by monitoring the results of the implementation of policies, strategies and other measures.

The guidelines set down herein, crystallize the more salient aspects of the duties and functions of the Board of Directors and of its relationship with the Management of the BAGASOO.

For the functions and responsibilies of the BAGASOO Board, download the BAGASOO Board Document [pdf] 58kb