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Safety Oversight Organisation

 Comprehensive Inspector Training System (CITS) and Inspector Training Records and Qualifications System (ITRAQS)


CITS - The Comprehensive Inspector Training System (CITS) is a comprehensive national training program for Aviation Inspectors. It is a single integrated program, which provides oversight and management of inspector development from new-hire status through to retirement from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The program is systematic and structured to provide for the delivery of an effective ICAO compliant program at minimum cost. It is intended to prepare experienced professionals from the aviation industry for their new role as government Aviation Safety Inspectors. The scope of CITS includes Flight Standards, Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services and Aviation Security.

The Comprehensive Inspector Training System is composed of the following principal components:

  1. ITS Program Guide

  2. ITS OJT Guide

  3. ITS Training Profiles

  4. ITS Job Task

  5. ITS Job Task to Course Mapping

  6. ITS Job Task Analysis

  7. ITS Training Record (ITRAQS)

ITRAQS - The Inspector Training Records and Qualifications System (ITRAQS) is a web-based, automated recording application designed for the effective implementation of the Inspector Training System in a civil aviation department. ITRAQS was developed by BAGASOO and it incorporates the requirements provided in the ITS for the qualification of aviation safety inspectors in carrying out job tasks in the CAA.

The application has a number of user-friendly features that enhance effective utilization as well as improve user experience.

Some of the features in the application include the following:

  1. A fully-functioning application incorporating the guidelines of the ITS in the documentation of inspector training records.

  2. Seamless implementation (zero installations, zero configurations)

  3. Availability and accessibility from any location at any time via the internet

  4. Real-time entry of inspector training data which can be monitored from any location

  5. Data Security ensured via the use of user credentials (username and passwords) as well as access levels distributed according to ITS responsibilities of end-users

  6. A very user friendly graphics interface

  7. Management reports in the determination of required training which in turn ensures the effective utilization of training resources in the CAA

  8. Documentation and storage of training certificates

  9. Export and Print facilities for downloading and printing reports

  10. ITS policy documents are also available in the system for access and download

  11. Hosting and support to end users

  12. Possibility of integration for data sharing purposes and resource utilization