Banjul Accord Group Aviation
Safety Oversight Organisation

Inspector Surveillance Activity Tracking System (ISATS)


In any safety oversight organisation, there is the need for an effective method to track the progress and state of all work activities such as certification, licensing, inspections done on operators, aircrafts, maintenance organization, training organisations, aerodromes etc. The Inspector Activity System (IAS) Training and the Inspector Activity Tracking System (ISATS) Implementation is a web-based application used in the recording and monitoring of aviation activities within a civil aviation authority. It is used in maintaining the records of inspector works as well as provides the necessary tools for closing inspection findings, resolving safety issues and recording enforcement actions.

The scope of the ISATS includes Flight Standards, Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services and Aviation Security.

Below are some of the features of this application system:

  1. Provides guidelines for effective documentation of work activities

  2. Components:

    • Operator information – AOC, AMO, ATO, Airports, ANS Provider, Facilities, Equipment, Infrastructure and Simulators

    • Aircraft Register

    • Personnel Licencing Register

    • Work activity classifications

    • Work status (open, closed or planned) etc.

  3. Records safety concerns and provides templates for interactive resolution

  4. Report generation

  5. Secure user credentials and access

  6. Access levels ensure users have access to only relevant records according to their responsibilities

  7. Web based application, accessible 24/7 from any location

  8. Interactive and user friendly graphic user interface



The ISATS will help in the effective organisation of the member States’ CAAs in handling inspector aviation activities which will in-turn ensure timely decision making for the efficient resolution of safety concerns and enforcement action.