Banjul Accord Group Aviation
Safety Oversight Organisation

Foreign Aircraft Safety Assessment Programme (FASAP)


An important way of ensuring safety within a region is through the effective monitoring of foreign registered aircraft operating to airports within a State or a region/community. Different States/Communities have different names for it but the principles are the same i.e. Ramp Inspection of Foreign Aircraft to ensure compliance with International Standards. The Foreign Aircraft Safety Assessment Programme (FASAP) is the BAGASOO equivalent, modeled along similar lines as the EU SAFA programme to provide effective and efficient guidelines for the conduct of ramp inspections carried out on foreign aircraft operating within a State or the sub-region. The information is stored in a centralized recording and tracking database. For the Sub-region, this information can be shared among members/participating states to promote collaboration and ensure safety. The FASAP database provides features for recording surveillance on foreign aircrafts, follow-up correspondence related to recorded ramp inspections, as well as closing findings. Below are some of the features of the application:

  1. Records and documents inspection data records and components: specifying the operator, airport, aircraft registration, flight information, details inspectors in the inspection etc.

  2. Records and groups inspection items and findings according to categorisation.

  3. Records preliminary and follow-up actions provides the guidelines for effectively closing inspections also provide facilities for planning inspections

  4. Seamless implementation (zero installations, zero configurations)

  5. Interactive report system with visualised (charts) generated management reports

  6. Security features, such as user credentials and access levels that ensure that each user can access records according to their FASAP responsibilities

  7. The system is web based and interactive

  8. The system also provides resource materials such as guidance materials 9. Features print and download capabilities



Essentially, BAGASOO will conduct the standard SAFA/FASAP Initial Training for Flight Standards Inspectors and customize the FASAP Database to be installed and operated as a separate database of the CAA. Alternatively, BAGASOO encourages the CAAs to join the BAGASOO FASAP.