Banjul Accord Group Aviation
Safety Oversight Organisation

In order to provide guidance during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, included in this post, are COVID-19 Guidance for Aviation Industry, Transport of Cargo in Passenger Compartment and COVID-19 Safety Measures.

OPS-SA-COVID-19 Guidance for Aviation Industry.docx (63.35 KB)
SA-AWS001 Transport of Cargo in Passenger Compartment R1 .docx (71.61 KB)

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The Organisation

Banjul Accord Group Safety Oversight Organisation

On 29 January 2004 seven West African States namely Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone met in Banjul, Gambia to sign the Banjul Accord Group (BAG) Agreement.

This agreement requires BAG member States to harmonise their policies and procedures on civil aviation and foster the development of international civil aviation through cooperative arrangements between the States.

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Our Applications

SIMCA is a suite of Safety Oversight Tools For recording and monitoring aviation activities within a CAA. The modules incorporates industry guidelines and best policies.

The SIMCA suite of Aviation Applications developed by BAGASOO has the following components:

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